Being in Rinchen is all about holistic excellence – it is about developing greatness in intellect, character and leadership. It is what we as school aspires to achieve – the true greatness! The school aims to help every Rinchenian grow to a commendable height. The opportunities for intellectual development include academic programmes, while opportunities for character and leadership include Rinchen leadership, CCA courses, leadership camps, exchange outreach, etc. There are opportunities everywhere for all the students who proactively engage and collaborate with the school.

In relation to intellectual excellence, students who perform well in the major assessments will be recognized for their achievements. The top performers of Rinchen (as measured by their results at the Board Exams) will be placed on the Scholarship list while the next top percentile will also be recognized for their achievements through scholarships within the country and many other endowment programmes. Both groups will be specially invited to scholarship teas, dialogues with prominent figures etc. The general student body will also be invited to similar opportunities so that the cohort of students as a whole can aspire towards such scholarship and endowment programmes.

In addition, selected students will be invited to apply for and be placed on the Rinchen Endowment Programme. They will be given closer guidance and will be exposed to more opportunities for development. This endowment programme is Rinchen’s flagship for the identified students who would be mentored by the school Admin, HODs, and specialist tutors, attend a variety of workshops that are lined up in the Students Support Service Programmes.