Our Commitments

1 . Protecting the National Economy : By preparing the citizens who will one day be the leaders in making our economy viable and competitive.

2 . Helping socialize and unify our multicultural society : By bringing together people of divergent backgrounds and socialize them into a common Bhutanese culture.

3 . Improving the quality of family life : By providing quality care for children and thus freeing parents to pursue their personal careers and interest.

4 . Protecting the Nationals Defense : By ensuring time tested knowledge for security and defence

5 . Preparing students for the world of work : By stressing neatness, competition, punctuality, responsibility, cooperation, self control and various other vocational activities.

6 . Cultivating cognitive competence : By developing intellectual skills such as reading, spelling, mathematical compulations, interpreting data, formulating hypotheses through various academic disciplines

7 . Serving as Vehicle for social and economic nobility : By promoting equal opportunity. We enable all children to acquire skills and knowledge needed to pursue a productive and fulfilling life.

8 . Providing educated citizenry needed in a democracy : By teaching children the lessons of democracy, history, student elections, current events, and other activities. We ensure knowledge and active citizenry of youths.

9 . Encouraging diversity & tolerance : By augmenting the cultural heritage of our nation through teaching children to respect and protect the diversity in ethnic and religion.

10 . Helping eliminate discrimination : By eliminating any bigotry which otherwise would be passed on through family prejudices.

11 . Preserving and transmitting our cultural traditions : By teaching the new generations of the progress, beliefs, customs, and values of previous generations. We are committed to preserving the accomplishments our fore fathers

12 . Helping bring about needed social changes : By examining and through proper and critical analysis, bring about any change in our social values, practices and beliefs. We are committed to bringing about continual progress and growth in our society.

13 . Developing positive self concept and emotional well being : By understanding and combating negative forces influencing society such as drugs, increased sexual promiscuity, poverty, discriminatin, single parent, dual career families, teenage suicide, adolescent depression etc.

14 . Developing physical well being : By teaching proper nutrition and health habits and developing physical and atheletical skills as well as good sportsmanship. These would be ensured through physical excellence and athletic participation.

15 . By selecting the brightest and the best, the future leaders of our country : By identifying and developing those students who have the qualities and capabilities to become next generations’ leaders. We provide them challenge and monitor their progress.

16 . Serving Vehicles for attending world peace : By being a member of a global society and stressing on international affairs, concerns, customs, languages etc.we develop cross-cultural knowledge through curricular and co-curricular events.

17 . Nurturing creative talent : By providing a place where our nation’s creative talent can flourish. We help students to understand and appreciate art, music, literature etc.

18 . Helping students develop survival skills to function in society : By helping students develop the skills essential for survival. We teach how to combat teenage pregnancy, alcoholism, substance abuse, traffic fatalities, sexual promiscuity and many others