Message from the Principal

Rinchen Higher Secondary School is a premier private educational institution in Bhutan. It has always worked emphasizing on the true spirit of education which is the pinnacle of our priority. Our unique brand of quality wholesome education emphasizes on excellence in all aspects of school. This is designed to prepare students for their life.We stand for greatness in Intellect, Character
and Leadership. We are well known for our caring and familial culture that encourages rigorous intellectual discourse and nurtures strength of character aligned to our mission to “engender productive citizens with appropriate values”.

At RHSS, we celebrate and value the high energies and idealism of youth as well as the diversity of the student body – we have students from all ethnic diversities, from various regions and as well as from over 100 secondary schools. An open mind to different views and the rich sharing of perspectives provide for enriching learning experiences here. Students are encouraged to challenge each other to think beyond the traditional domains of knowledge, and in peer interactions that create new knowledge, forge new and meaningful ways of perceiving the world around you. They are expected to be proactive in charting their growth and development by exercising their personal responsibilities to seize upon the available opportunities to enhance their own learning with Passion, Purpose, Drive, Integrity and Care for Others.

At RHSS, we share a fundamental belief in leadership through service to others and being proactive in helping those in need, this is underscored in our timeless School Motto: Scaling up for Excellence. Many RHSS alumni members have already taken on prominent leadership roles in serving their chosen profession, our community and nation, fulfilling their “will to glorify Rinchen’s fame”. In their time with us, we challenge and guide our students to develop their own personal vision and set goals to measure their progress towards it.

Together with the dedicated and highly committed staff fraternity at RHSS, and our high aspiring Rinchenian, we will continue to build upon our rich heritage and illuminate the fame in the years to come.

Warmest regards,
Ngawang chophel