Expected School Climate

Staff – Student relationship

  • Mutual respect and trust
  • Students feel cared for and secure at all levels
  • Dzongkha/English is spoken
  • Open communication exists
  • Friendly and professional relationships prevail
  • Teachers are approachable and friendly
  • Active listening is practised by staff and students

Student – Student relationship

  • Respect for all is obvious
  • Empathy, encouragement and politeness observed
  • Students speak in Dzongkha/English to each other
  • Bond, support exists between age levels
  • Peer mediation program in place
  • Reduction of conflict and inappropriate language

How school discipline is handled

  • Strong administrative presence
  • Inappropriate behavior is always dealt with
  • Consistency and teamwork used (teachers,administration, parents)
  • Focus on improving behavior
  • Equity and justice are fundamental principles
  • Consequences rather than punishments are used
  • Effective strategies used at all levels

Relations between school staff and parents

  • Honest, open, two-way communication prevails
  • Welcoming, friendly atmosphere in the school
  • Partnership and teamwork with parents is common
  • Parents are assured that school is a safe and secure place
  • Home conditions are considered when disciplining students
  • Flexible, frequent communication occurs with parents
  • Mutual focus on students’ needs (home and school)

Teacher’s collaboration and relations

  • Consistency and mutual trust emphasized
  • Teacher support teams in place to deal with conduct problems
  • Professionalism and confidentiality followed
  • Frequent sharing of strategies and resources followed
  • On-going open communication about student needs
  • Proactive, shared approaches to discipline employed

How crisis and problems are handled

  • Effective crisis management team and plan in place
  • School – wide preparation and communication
  • Decision follows consultation and collaboration
  • Strong and shared leadership exists
  • Focus kept on students’ welfare
  • Calm, confident and supportive atmosphere prevails

What you see, hear and experience in the school

  • Student happiness and academic excellence are apparent
  • Pleasant, comfortable, spirited, friendly and orderly climate prevails
  • Genuine mutual respect at all levels is ensured
  • Celebration and pride in accomplishments are observable