Courses Offered


While we believe that education begins at home, we at RHSS place the highest emphasis on helping students realize their full potential. Students are expected to put equal efforts in their learning as teachers do in their teaching.
We believe that the baseline in education is students’ learning and their achievement. Learning is an individual activity but not a solitary one and is more effective when it takes place in a supportive environment. This is what we
endeavour to create here.

The medium of instruction is English for all subjects except Dzongkha. We believe that quality teaching can take place only if there are quality teachers.

The school offers two Streams: Arts and Commerce  in classes XI, XII .

Course Options:

Arts Commerce
Dzongkha Dzongkha
English English
History/Math Commerce
Geography Accounts
Rigzhung/Eco/CST/Media Studies/EVS Eco/CST

Note: For the CE candidates, the school does not offer any optional subjects. They must take up compulsory subjects being offered in all the streams.